(Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points)
An Introduction for Food Businesses ..
A New Legal Requirement

What is HACCP:

HACCP is a system for ensuring food safety in which adequate safety precautions are identified, put in place and regularly reviewed. It involves:

  • Analysing the potential risks to food sold from your premises
    e.g. Risk of contamination from infected food handlers or from using raw eggs. A hazard has the potential to cause harm to your customer and can be due to germs, chemicals or physical objects in the food.

  • Identifying where along the food chain these hazards might happen
    e.g. Cross contamination from raw foods to cooked foods

  • Deciding which of these steps are important to the safety of the food.
    If a hazard makes food unsafe and if a subsequent step in handling the food will not eliminate the hazard or reduce it to an acceptable level, then this step in handling the food is a critical control point e.g. cooking food thoroughly is critical to food safety.

  • Identifying and implementing ways to effectively control and monitor these critical points
    e.g. Reheating food thoroughly

  • Reviewing the system on a regular basis
    To check that it is working well. It must also be reviewed if new products or equipment are introduced or if any food handling operation changes.

  • Hygiene Excellence will guide you through each step and monitor every aspect of your system
  • As the person in charge, you already carry out many checks on the operation of yours business. A HACCP system is a method of formalising these checks. It must provide a practical working approach to food safety in your food business.

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