Hygiene Excellence is a food safety firm offering a managed, audited food safety management system, individually made for your premises. The types of premises covered by this are:

  • Restaurants

  • Coffee Shops

  • Fast-Foods

  • Hotels

  • Nursing Homes

  • Wholesalers

  • Manufacturers
  • Since the year 2000, all food premises are required by law to have a food safety management system based on HACCP principles operating in their premises.
    The program Hygiene Excellence offers makes this obligation achievable in a cost effective way.
    The program we offer will include the following:

    1. The creation of a HACCP Food Safety Management system for your kitchen, covering all aspects of I.S. 340 (2007), I.S. 341 (2007), I.S. 342 (1997) and I.S. EN ISO 22000 (2005)(HACCP).

    2. The provision and supply of all charts, cleaning rotas and records. Each of these charts and records will be individually tailored to suit your premises.

    3. The creation of all process flow charts mapping the passage of all high-risk food through your kitchen.

    4. The creation of procedures covering all high-risk areas / functions throughout the kitchen.

    5. Analysis of suppliers, chemicals and pest control are all included.

    6. The system will include all signage (Vinyl) and replacement of signage.

    7. The training of staff in the Food Safety Management System (HACCP). This will be completed in different stages over a number of months covering Level 1 Stages 1 & 2 and Level 2 as per the syllabus approved by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. This will ensure that you will fulfill the training requirements of your Food Safety Policy Statement which states that all staff will receieve training commensurate to their job description.

    8. Monthly audits / visits will be carried out at random to ensure full compliance by all staff with the Food Safety Management System (HACCP) and reports will be published on all audits / visits. Copies of these will be received by email and will also be located in the audit folder within the rest of your system records. This will ensure that all reports and records will be available for inspection by you or visiting Environmental Health Officers at any time.

    9. The kitchen will be zoned into the various established high-risk areas and vinyl labelling will indicate this so that all staff and visitors are aware of the various high-risk areas in the kitchen and also what the critical limits permitted are. Where possible, signage will be provided in each of these areas outlining critical limits permitted. This approach allows for easier understanding of HACCP and aids staff training.

    Once operational, Hygiene Excellence audit staff will carry out monthly visits on each premises. This audit will cover everything of an operational nature and reports will be published. The system will be reviewed every six months and updated as required.

    This type of monthly approach has now been used in over 110 individual premises to date and leads to a much more consistent and relevant form of record-keeping than could possibly be attained by any other method.

    This type of approach also allows senior management the opportunity to focus on other matters by being reassured that having Hygiene Excellence monitor their kitchen's food safety, that problems or shortcomings as they arise will be highlighted and dealt with in a speedy, efficient and costsaving manner.

    In terms of cost there is no upfront fee required to join the Hygiene Monitoring Programme and the service is paid for monthly by Direct Debit. Prices range from 250-600 per month depending on the size and detail required. We find most clients prefer this type of payment method as it allows for a greater variety of premises to be able to afford the service. This also means that, in effect, there is very little risk to you, a potential client, in running with this programme due to the fact that it is paid for on a monthly basis.

    Hygiene Excellence, since its inception in 2003, has built up a sizeable database of clients who have expressed great satisfaction in becoming part of our monitoring programme. We are in the process of enhancing our audit team to ensure that we can deliver to our clients the very highest possible quality of service. To help obtain this, some of our auditors are qualifed to ISO Lead Auditor status and this will ensure that as our audit team expands, that the level and quality of service will be consistently high.