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Bespoke Hygiene & HACCP Systems

Our Managed Hygiene System Includes:

  • HACCP System Development: Hygiene Excellence will create a managed HACCP system for your premises that adheres to the following standards:
    • IS 340:2007 (Principles and Guidelines for the Selection and Application of Minimum Requirements in a HACCP System)
    • IS 341:2007 (Prerequisite Programmes – General Hygiene Practices)
    • IS 342:1998 (Specific Hygiene Requirements for Catering Establishments)
    • IS EN ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management Systems – Requirements for any organization in the food supply chain)
Documentation & Records:

They will provide all necessary charts, cleaning rotas, and records for maintaining the system. These will be updated as needed.

Process Flow Mapping:
Hygiene Excellence will create flow charts mapping the movement of high-risk foods through your kitchens, identifying potential hazards at each stage.
Food Safety & Personal Hygiene Policies:
They will develop clear and accessible policies on food safety and personal hygiene for public display and staff training.
High-Risk Procedures:
Procedures will be established for all critical areas and functions in your kitchen to ensure consistent and safe food handling practices.
Supplier & Chemical Analysis:
Hygiene Excellence will analyze your suppliers and chemicals used in the kitchen to identify potential risks. Pest control measures will also be included in the system.
Temperature Monitoring:

Free calibration of temperature probes is provided, with the option for re-checks at any time.

Signage & Zoning:

Vinyl signage will be installed to clearly mark critical areas in your kitchen for staff and visitors. Color-coded zoning can further enhance visual communication of risk levels.

Staff Training:

Hygiene Excellence offers certified and traceable HACCP training for your staff at various levels, as outlined by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (Levels 1-3). We also offer Chemicals & Cleaning products Supply and Training & Allergen Training for all Kitchen and Front of House team members.

Monthly Auditing:

Our dedicated team will visit and audit your premises on a monthly basis, verifying and updated records while simultaneously performing a review of the premises, the report will be submitted to your management team with recommendations for improvements. These reports can be graded upon request.

Preferential Pricing on Products:

We provide the most competitive pricing on all kitchen products, from labelling to equipment, we can provide whatever you need. For our monthly audited clients, we provide tailored preferential pricing and credit terms.